Developers discuss the future of PC Gaming at PAX

John Abercrombie, Lead AI Programmer at BioShock creator Irrational Games, joined on the panel by Joe Kreiner, Engine Licensing VP at Ghostbusters developer Terminal Reality, and LanSlide Gaming PCs co-owner Mitchell Shuster, with Penny-Arcade marketing manager Jeff Kalles moderating.

The good:

Joe Kreiner — As long as you know that’s your audience to begin with, and you make something inside of a budget that you know you’re going to be selling those kinds of numbers, you can be very successful.

The bad:

John Abercrombie — I think there’s just too many options out there, honestly. Too many options for people to buy. With the consoles, there’s just one. You just go to the store and buy the one.

All is not lost, PC gaming is not dead! Read all the quotes here.

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